Trump’s Already Badly Failing Social Media Network Is Now Crashing Regularly

If there’s one thing Donald Trump is actually very good at, it’s failing miserably at business. Like a Bizarro King Midas, everything Donald touches seems to turn to sh*t—whether it’s still-laughable Tour de Trump or the lawsuit-plagued Trump University. Yet somehow, the former president persists, presumably with the belief that his next business venture will be the one that finally sticks. From the way he talked about Truth Social, the social networking site he created as revenge for being permanently banned from Twitter, Trump may have believed that this would be his unicorn. Alas, it was not to be.

Just six months after first announcing Truth Social, which was set up suspiciously quickly and utilized some shady business practices, the site hasn’t really quite launched as it has failed bigly at essentially every turn. First, they were accused of stealing code from another platform (classic Trump!), then it just turned into an outright clusterf*ck. Even Trump himself has only ever posted on it once, though that could be because the site’s technology is absolute shite, as The Daily Beast reports.

According to The Daily Beast, the problems began (or, well, worsened) on Monday morning, when the website DownDetector reported that the site was flooded with outage reports beginning around 7 a.m. and that it wasn’t until approximately 3:30 p.m.—more than eight hours later—that the issues seemed to be getting resolved. One user called the day’s experience “the worst I’ve ever seen.”

But Devin Nunes, who actually abandoned his congressional seat in order to serve as CEO of Trump Media, promises that he and his team are on the case. Which should make Trump Social users feel about zero percent better.

(Via The Daily Beast)