Donald Trump’s Tweets Turned Into An Emo Song Makes You Wonder Who The Real ‘Snowflake’ Is

The alt-right loves to throw around the term “snowflake” to characterize liberals as being overly sensitive whiners, which has been largely propagated by Toyota Lasagna and her ilk. Of course, the irony is that it’s usually those same individuals who are the most likely to have a meltdown when presented with facts or ideas that don’t align with their own narrative, and Donald Trump himself tends to the biggest thin-skinned “whiner” of them all.

Even after literally getting elected President of the United States, Trump is still not happy, and he often uses his prolific Twitter account to voice his supposed unfair treatment by the media or insist, time and time again, that it’s all just a big conspiracy that he didn’t win the popular vote. It’s almost as if his tweets are straight out of an emo song from the early ’00s, so the comedy channel Super Deluxe brilliantly decided to do just that, by turning them into a tune that would make even the likes of Fallout Boy or Dashboard Confessional proud.

For better or for worse, after watching it you’ll probably never view one of Trump’s all-caps “FAKE NEWS” screeds or declarations of “Sad!” or “Unfair!” the same way again.