Even A Beloved Philadelphia Cheesesteak Business Is Helping John Fetterman Drag Dr. Oz

One of the most important congressional races in America has also been one of the most entertaining. Ever since he clinched the Republican nomination for a Pennsylvania senate seat, former TV crackpot Dr. Mehmet Oz has had to weather untold hilarious dragging from his Democratic opponent John Fetterman. Now a certain business in the Keystone State is getting in on the fun, too.

On Friday, Oz dropped one of his lame, cynical tweets, showing him in Philadelphia, patronizing two of the town’s most famous cheesesteak eateries, Pat’s and Geno’s, which are located across the street from each other and have long been locked in battle. Oz hit both of them up, which is already a bad sign. Naturally, Fetterman made fun of him, calling it a “rite of passage for every tourist” — yet another nudge about his dubious claims of Pennsylvania citizenship.

But someone else got in a funnier jab. The Twitter account for Pat’s King of Steaks replied to Oz, and couldn’t resist calling him out.

“Do you even live in Pa? And can you spell the town you live in?” they tweeted, alongside a laughing/crying emoji. When even a business to whom Oz gave some free advertising is dragging him…

It’s not clear how much these yuks have gotten to Oz — or how much they’ve impacted moderate Pennsylvania voters — but there are so many of them. Last week, Fetterman took to Cameo and enlisted no less than Jersey Shore alum “Snooki” to summon him back to the Garden State.