This Dramatic Reading Of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ Truly Is Art

“Sorry” by Justin Bieber is a total earworm that we’ve all been humming for the past few months, but apparently Jon Hamm never got the memo, ruefully admitting right away that he’s never actually heard the song. Still, that doesn’t stop him from putting on his most actorly face and making the Bieb’s words sound respectable. In this new video from Vanity Fair, 29 celebrities do their best to turn the pop hit into high drama, to varying degrees of success.

Nick Jonas channels his past as a boy bander for an earnest bit, while John Krasinski’s tearful contribution signifies that maybe he missed his calling as a pop star. Maya Rudolph also gets very into it in a hilarious (and kinda sexy?) way, with Jenny Slate and Chloë Sevigny playing it straight to great effect. However, the almost feral shouting from Judd Apatow at the closing of the video might be the highlight. Something tells me that, as the father of two young daughters, Apatow has heard this song on many occasions and is finally given the outlet to express his true feelings (hatred) for the song. Someone save this man from a Bieber-induced hell.

(Via Vanity Fair)