‘Draper’: The ‘Mad Men’ / ‘Benson’ Mash-Up That Everyone Wanted Is Finally Here

It might be because I just watched The Greatest Event In Television History and I’m a little nostalgic, but I kinda like this mash-up of Mad Men and 80s sitcom Benson. Is it perfect? No. Is it necessary? No. Is it enough to satisfy even the most basic of urges concerning Mad Men fandom and a love of semi-classic sitcoms? You’re damn right, it is.

You might be feeling that Benson could be the wrong choice for a mash-up. Or it is at least not the best choice that could’ve been made. If we could dig up Roddy Rod to re-record a voice over for a Mad Men/Soap mash-up, I’d be happier. Or maybe get a little crazy with a Sally Draper mash-up with the theme from My Two Dads.

The bare facts here are someone took the time to edit down clips of Mad Men, sync them with the theme to Benson, and then put it on the internet for all to see. If we didn’t highlight this effort for some attention, what’s the point to living? And while we are asking questions, why did every sitcom pre-1990 have a damn voice over during the credits?

And why didn’t this video focus it’s attention on Bob Benson instead of Don Draper? The name is tailor made. It’s the obvious choice. Did no one remember the vacation shorts?

(Via The Geoff Man / Huffington Post)