‘Sopranos’ Star Drea De Matteo Did An OnlyFans Collaboration So ‘Racy,’ She Warned Her Kids About It

Drea de Matteo is making big money from her OnlyFans account. That’s the good news for The Sopranos actress. The bad news? She’s had some awkward conversations with her kids.

While appearing on The Sage Steele Show, de Matteo discussed how her children, 16-year-old daughter Alabama and 12-year-old son Waylon, feel about her new career. “I had to sit them down the other day and be, like, ‘Look, I did a collaboration with Carmen Electra — and these pictures are racy — I’m not gonna lie,'” she said. Waylon wasn’t the biggest fan of his mom joining OnlyFans, until she explained how capitalism works.

According to the New York Post, de Matteo jokingly recalled asking him, “Do you like that jacket you just asked me to buy you? You like all the things that you want that make you happy? You like that new PC that you begged for for Christmas? Because you wouldn’t have that sh*t if Mommy didn’t show her ass!” How did he respond to that? “That shuts him up because he’s a little greedy little bastard, too, sometimes. I mean, he’s 12, you know?” she said.

The Sons of Anarchy alum went on to tell Steele that she is “so open about everything” with her kids, and even jokingly told Waylon how to respond if he ever gets ridiculed for her online content. “If they say anything, say ‘those boobies fed me when I was a little baby and they’re still feeding me now,’” she again chuckled.

Wait until her kids watch “Long Term Parking.” That’ll mess ’em up.

You can watch the podcast below.

(Via the New York Post)