‘Drive 2: The Uber Years’ Gives Ryan Gosling’s Tense Thriller A Hilarious Rideshare Era Update

As we all wait patiently for The Neon Demon to arrive outside of Cannes in one big glorious thunderbolt of retina damage, unspeakable violence, and maybe a hint of necrophilia, let’s look at another Nicolas Winding Refn offering. Namely, a hilarious spoof “sequel” to Drive updated for the rideshare era.

Drive 2: The Uber Years is exactly what it sounds like. A parody revamp of the critically beloved 2011 neo-noir motion picture Drive, this faux-trailer has comedian Joey Thompson (complete with stylish wig!) subbing in as Ryan Gosling’s character, The Driver, and trying to get by as an Uber cabbie. Stunts and getaway jobs may be glamorous, but so too is dealing with shouty drunks and vape clouds for an underwhelming fee.

“HEY UBER!” screams one of our hero’s soused-up passengers at the Arby’s drive-thru. “THE CURLY FRIES! AND SOME RANCH!”

Light on violence, medium on barf, and heavy on those lovable goofy Gosling quirks, Drive 2: The Uber Years could almost double as a PSA to tip your rideshare driver. (Y’know, provided your Gosling doesn’t try to pull the ol’ fake vomit routine.) It’s a charmer and worthy of your attention whether you own a satin scorpion jacket or not. Plus, it’s far from the strangest parody you’ll come across today.