Drunken Wedding Crashers Waved Around Their Penises After Pushing The Bride Down

Tracie Cowan, a 50-year-old British woman from Wales, had saved up for two years to surprise her husband with a second wedding ceremony to renew their vows on their 25th wedding anniversary. Her day was ruined, however, when a drunken mob of at least 30 men showed up to the reception, causing chaos.

The men pushed the bride down, brawled with guests, and exposed themselves by waving around their penises, as Cowan recalled to the UK Metro.

Mrs Cowan said: ‘They were like animals possessed. It was so upsetting, after the years of planning, for the day to end like that. My dress was ruined and most of the guests sustained some sort of injury. My poor daughter Stacie had bruises up and down her arms. It was just devastating.

‘I pleaded with them to leave us alone, told them that it was a private party, but they didn’t care. They exposed themselves in front of my young grandchildren and didn’t care who they hit. All they wanted was to get into my reception.’

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured, and police were able to break up the mob when they arrived to the scene shortly after. Let this be a cautionary tale to any future wedding crashers out there. You’re far more likely to score a free piece of cake if you keep your dick in your pants. And maybe don’t assault the bride, either.