No One Can Figure Out Whether A Trio Of Elizabeth Holmes ‘Cosplayers’ (Outside Her Trial) Are Actually Real ‘Fans’

The downfall of disgraced, fake-deep-voiced Theranos ex-CEO Elizabeth Holmes culminates this week in her fraud trial, which began on Tuesday. She faces over a dozen federal charges (including wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud), all tied to false claims about Theranos’ blood testing lab services that were (allegedly) known by Holmes to likely provide inaccurate results.

If convicted, Holmes (who was, at age 30, the head of a company valued at upwards of $9 billion) could face up to 20 years in prison, yet her whole public persona has been such a charade that it’s unclear exactly what has been happening outside a California courthouse in San Jose. This was definitely not happening inside the building.

As Law 360 reporter Dorothy Atkins wrote, though, when Holmes arrived, she was swarmed by cameras. Not only that, but “[t]hree of her fans tr[ied] to catch a glimpse without losing their spot in line.”

The natural question here is this: does Elizabeth Holmes really have a fandom? Also are these paid… fans? Uh, are these.. cosplayers?

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that they’re cosplayers or admirers or whatever, since Holmes’ carefully crafted image did make for an easy Halloween costume a few years ago.

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