Elon Musk Seems To Be Suggesting That He Could Crank Out More Kids By Calling Himself An ‘Autumn Chicken’

Elon Musk and Nick Cannon are seemingly competing to see which family can start their own basketball team by having so many offspring. Both celebrities have fathered a small army of at least 9 children, and the probably won’t stop! But, as we know, Musk is not one to back down when he is challenged by a peer.

Musk keeps revealing various infants that he has produced (much after the fact), so it’s really hard to be sure how many he actually has. While speaking with The Financial Times, Musk was asked if he would have more kids anytime soon, to which he said that he is “pretty sure there are no other babies looming.” That sounds like a veiled threat!

The billionare didn’t rule out the possibility of new kids, saying that he is an “autumn chicken.” If a spring chicken is a young chicken, it an autumn chicken mean he’s on his way out and wants to have even more kids? Who is really to say? It seems like he made up that phrase anyway.

Most recently, Musk had a second child with Grimes in December 2021… one month after welcoming twins with an executive at one of his companies, though that wasn’t revealed until months later. Aside from those three, Musk also has another set of twins and a set of teenage triplets, one of whom is currently estranged from the billionaire. Musk has said, “I have very good relationships with all the others. Can’t win them all,” which is a really nice thing to say about a human being that you brought into the world. He is probably much too busy trying to think of a good joke to impress Nathan Fielder, so he has no time for more kids. Hopefully.

(Via Page Six)