Don’t Get Sick At A Family Party, Otherwise You Might Get This Embarrassing Cake For Your 18th Birthday

Most adults (of legal drinking age, of course) have had one too many drinks after an awesome night of partying. Sometimes, these nights of reckless abandonment can lead to a late night or early morning trip to the “porcelain throne,” where ones system works adamantly to clean itself out of the night before’s libations. That’s exactly what happened to 18-year-old Abbi Price of Coventry, UK, after she had more booze than she could handle at a “small gathering with friends and family.” The teenager had gotten sick and had her face in the toilet for hours, Price told BuzzFeed News.

Price says her mother snapped a photo of the embarrassing ordeal, and then turned the photo into an 18th birthday cake for the teen. Price originally thought the photo would just be printed on the cake, but her mother had the incident recreated and made into a 3-D version at a bakery called “mochadoodleyou” in their hometown in the UK.

“My mom took the photo and has been saying ever since it would be on my 18th birthday cake,” Price said. The vanilla sponge cake took a week to make.

After Price tweeted the photo of the finished cake, it went viral, garnering over 21,000 retweets so far. A number that surprised the teenager. “I tweeted it at night and expected to wake up to about 20 likes but woke up to 20,000,” Price said.

The bright side through the initial embarrassment was that the cake tasted amazing, according to Price.

(Via Twitter/BuzzFeed)