This Man’s Incredibly Embarrassing Text Message Mix-Up Will Teach You To Always Check Twice Before Sending A Screenshot


Every once in a while, someone will say something so insane to you over text that you have absolutely no choice but to take a screenshot and send it to 27 of your closest friends, so you can all scrutinize and laugh at whatever the hell is going on. But sometimes you’re so excited to share the joy with those nearest and dearest to you that you might tap “send” before you’re ready. And sometimes that text goes to the last person you ever wanted to see the screenshot: the person who sent it to you in the first place.

Dan O’Hara, a dude just looking to meet some ladies, ran into that exact problem after a text conversation with a woman he may or may not have been interested got a little bit too much. O’Hara’s conversation partner started to get a little clingy and he took a screenshot of the convo to let his friends know that there probably wouldn’t be another date. That “probably” turned into a “definitely,” because O’Hara straight up sent the screenshot to the woman he was talking about!

How do you come back from that? The answer: You don’t. O’Hara quickly admitted his wrongdoing and then, like all people who have done something embarrassing, posted a picture of the conversation to Twitter so that he could share his horrible gaffe with everyone. (Poor Laura, though!)

According to further tweets that O’Hara made, he didn’t get an immediate response because Laura was at work. When he did, though, it ended up being so bad that he couldn’t share it on social media.

Better luck next time, dude. Sounds like O’Hara wasn’t too worried about letting this fish back out into the sea, but he probably doesn’t want to make a habit of doing stuff like this. For the rest of us, it’s a nice reminder to check at least 15 times to make sure you’re sending your highly classified texts to the right people. It’s the new “checking your phone to make sure you haven’t accidentally dialed the person you’re talking about,” and it can save lives.

(Via Bro Bible)