Emma Watson Can Get Away With A Graduation Day Selfie. You Can’t.

Emma Watson graduated from Brown University today (IN THIS ECONOMY?!?), which gives me an excuse to talk about one of my favorite stories in Film Drunk history.

The insider says Watson didn’t shy away from class participation and often would “answer something in class and get it right,” calling the 21-year-old actress “really smart.” Unfortunately, this brought out the sophisticated wit and cinematic expertise of her Ivy League peers. According to the source, her classmates “would respond [to her answer] with a quote from Harry Potter.” The most popular choice was “Three points for Gryffindor!”

I bet that was funny, like, once. If only Sacha Baron Cohen had gone there instead. Now there’s a guy who loves it when strangers shout “HIGH FIVE” at him. Anyway, congrats, Emma, and good luck with your loans. You’re apparently “worth” $60 million, so you’ll be able to pay Sallie Mae back in 43 years.

Via @EmWatson