Eric Trump Conveniently Forgot Recent History While Making The Case To Jesse Watters That Jan. 6 Was A Set-Up To Frame His Poor Dad

You know things are getting slightly desperate in Trumpland when Eric Trump heads out for the talk show circuit to supplement the Eldest Boy’s wild rants. Eric isn’t as bombastic as Don Jr., but he does bring his own variety of ire, particularly while telling straight-up falsehoods to the Fox News audience.

This went down on Fox News after word that Trump Sr. would be indicted a third time (and he might even pose for a mugshot). Perhaps you’ve been too numb to pay attention to this particular indictment because they simply keep coming, but Donald will be arraigned at 4:00 pm EST in Washington, D.C., on charges related to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into January 6. Even Mike Pence is appalled about the insurrection in his own way, but Eric Trump is here to suggest conspiracy theories that would have people believe that his dad did nothing wrong and was set up.

First, here’s the part where Eric “forgot” recent U.S. history while accusing liberals of “literally trying to imprison political opponents,” as though his dad broke no laws, and the dozens of felony counts against him are bogus.

Cue the “lock her up” memories:

He had conspiracy theories, too. Fox News host Jesse Watters smugly smiled the whole time Eric went off, suggesting that mysterious forces conspired against his father to orchestrate January 6, and his dad didn’t really tell his MAGA followers to “fight like hell” in front of the whole world:

“There are a lot of questions about January 6th. How about all the video tapes? How about all the FBI agents that where in there… Why didn’t they call up the 10,000 National Guard, you know, troops that my father, you know, approved? Why didn’t they do that? What else is happening behind the scenes?”

The AP has already debunked the claim that Trump (as Eric alleges) “approved” those National Guard troops, only to be shut down by Pelosi:

CLAIM: Former President Donald Trump signed an order to deploy 20,000 National Guard troops before his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, but was stopped by the House sergeant at arms, at the behest of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. While Trump was involved in discussions in the days prior to Jan. 6 about the National Guard response, he issued no such order before or during the rioting. Speaker Pelosi does not control National Guard troops.

The more applicable question (than what Eric is asking) is whether the third indictment is the final indictment? 2023 is a real trip so far.