Eric Trump’s Week-Late Tweet About Getting Out To Vote Is The Latest Campaign Blunder

The 2020 presidential election is over. Voting polls are closed, and while certain sitting politicians refuse to lose with grace and dignity, regular civilians can no longer cast ballots for them.

That may sound like a ridiculously obvious statement to anyone who’s been paying attention to the media circus this past week but when it comes to Trump’s inner circle, particularly his offspring, we’ve found it’s better to keep things simple. And scheduling tweets just seems a bit too complicated for Donald Trump’s second-oldest son, Eric. The poor guy really fudged up the dates on Hootsuite this week, tweeting out to his father’s followers in Minnesota an encouraging plea to get out and vote.

Of course, seven days after Trump lost the state to President-Elect Joe Biden, it’s impossible for even the most fanatic of Trump’s groupies to actually do that, but as funny as this social media gaffe is, we almost feel bad for calling Eric out on it. After all, this is the same dude who was satirized with a fidget spinner.

Twitter doesn’t share any concern for Eric Trump’s wounded pride because the masses are having plenty of fun raking him over the coals for his since-deleted botched rallying cry.

It looks like the president isn’t the only Trump who needs his social media passwords reset.