Felicity Huffman And Lori Loughlin Have Left Social Media In The Wake Of The ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ Scandal

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As the “Operation Varsity Blues” saga continues to unfold, much of the news media’s focus on the massive college admissions scandal has concerned the involvement of actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. Both were indicted and arrested over the matter, and both have already experienced significant consequences as a result. (For example, Loughlin has been kicked to the curb by the Hallmark Channel and Fuller House.) As a result, their social media accounts have become targets of ridicule.

Hence why both actresses have completely erased their social media accounts. According to CBS News, Huffman wiped hers from existence on Friday, while Loughlin did the same a few days earlier. So if anyone decides to comb through the pair’s many tweets, Instagram posts and other digital materials (as many already have), they’ll quickly find out that they no longer can. Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight adds that Huffman has also shuttered her parenting website, What the Flicka?

Aside from Loughlin, her husband, Mossimo Giannulli was also indicted in the “Operation Varsity Blues” sting. Their daughter, the social media influencer Olivia Jade, was not named as a suspect, though her own words and actions have lately come under intense scrutiny. As for Huffman’s husband, the Shameless actor William H. Macy, he has not been charged with anything relating to the bribery scandal.

(Via CBS News and Entertainment Tonight)