Watch Local News Anchors Try To Wrap Their Heads Around The ‘Fidget Spinner’ Craze

In case you weren’t aware, America is strictly divided into two different camps right now. And no, this has nothing to do with politics (for freaking once) — but whether you’re on board with the current “fidget spinner” craze or not. If you fall into the latter camp, allow me to explain.

Originally marketed as a stress relieving toy, fidget spinners typically consist of two or three prongs with some kind of metal or ceramic bearing in the center, which you hold in the middle and then twirl. That’s literally it. And kids go crazy for these things! We may be in “the future” now, but it just goes to show that the youth of America will go just as crazy for a stupid piece of plastic as they will for Pokemon Go.

At any rate, being that fidget spinners have quite inexplicably exploded in popularity over the past couple of months, local news stations have been scrambling to make sense of the whole thing. As complied by News Be Funny, the above clip captures the natural stage of progression of anchors attempting to explain the fad to parents, to the inevitable warning that they can also be used as a weapon. And for good measure, in between we’ve got Australian news hero Karl Stefanovic attempting to spin one on his head — because what blooper reel would be complete without a little Stefanovic.