Finally, There’s A Lego Set For People Who Love Strip Clubs

Every once in a while, some brilliant artist comes along with an unofficial Lego set for a show like Breaking Bad or Golden Girls, and while a lot of us celebrate our inner geeky child, someone always chimes in with, “Grow up, losers.” For those super cool grown-ups who have little to no time for combining modern TV hits with childhood nostalgia, I challenge you to deny the awesomeness of Citizen Brick’s Center for the Performing Arts, which is basically a Lego set that is a strip club.

Grab a front row seat for the majesty of the greatest custom LEGO® set ever crafted! The Citizen Brick Center for the Performing Arts is place where dreamers can dream, and dancers can dance. And dream. And also dance.

Soak in all the magic of this richly detailed set:

• Over 80 pad printed elements
• Hologram foil stamped wall pieces
• Working LED lights (batteries included)
• Four exclusive minifigs
• Full color printed box

Citizen Brick was, of course, the wonderful company that brought us the “Superlab Playset,” which was the very unofficial way of saying they created a Breaking Bad-themed set, as well as the Dragon Sword Fighter Force figurines that represent, well, use your imaginations. They’ve also provided people with new Lego accessories that can turn their favorite figurines into zombies or potheads, and now they’ve allowed those of us who missed our calling as strip club DJs to live out that dream. However, it might ruin The Lego Movie if you have your figurines dance to “Everything is Awesome.”

The Performing Arts Center costs $275 and ships out on Black Friday.

And there’s even a figurine for people who like their strippers to have a little more chest hair…

(H/T to Metro)