Florida Is Obsessed With This Creepy Clown Named ‘Wrinkles’

Floridians are forking money over hand-over-fist to be scared by this professional “creepy” clown named Wrinkles, who has become something of an unlikely celebrity across southwest Florida. Wrinkles, whose real-life identity is unknown, says that he started out clowning to make a few extra bucks and to have a good time, but since his videos have gone viral, his schedule has been booked by people who want him to scare friends or show up at parties.

Wrinkles’ services were obviously in high demand over Halloween weekend, as he told Florida’s NBC 2, “Ever since these kids put me on the internet, my phone rings nonstop. They sensationalize me and call me all kinds of things.” I don’t know about “the kids” putting him on the internet, but a YouTube account called “HvUseen Wrinkles” has a handful of videos of the creepy clown, including this one of him lurking in a little girl’s bedroom.

Sweet dreams!

(Via NBC 2)

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