All Hell Breaks Loose When Facebook Live Catches A Florida Gator Jumping Into A Boat Full Of People

It seems as if most Facebook Live posts consist of new job announcements, defective product complaints, and vacation videos, but every now and then it catches something truly amazing. If I may direct you to the above video reposted by Tampa Bay’s Fox 13 News, a Missouri couple, Tylor Hindery and his wife Emerald, were vacationing in Florida and taking a boat tour of the local marshes when this scene played out, which Hindery just happened to catch while filming.

In the video, the boat seems to have gotten stuck near an embankment with a large gator sitting on it, as you can hear the tour guide joke, “You can reach out and slap him, can’t ya?” But before they’re able to push away, the gator throws itself on board and all holy hell breaks loose. It’s hard to see exactly what happened next, but once Hindery is able to compose himself and get the camera focused again, the gator is attempting to climb off the other side of the boat.

Hindery later told reporters that he and his wife were grateful for their driver, who ran toward the gator to scare him out of the boat. But either way, as one woman can be heard suggesting towards the end of the video, there was likely not a dry pair of pants aboard after that.

(Via Fox 13 News)