Four Seasons Total Landscaping Has Hired A ‘Freelance Brand Invigorator’ To Run Its Social Media Channels And The Results Are Amazing

Rudy Giuliani’s Trump campaign press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philly is already the stuff of (dubious) legends. The sex shop next door is still fielding calls, and the debacle has been memorialized in LEGO form. There’s also a petition going to get this place registered as a historical site, and as for the landscaping company itself? Things are going great. Not so much for Rudy, of course, who has filed as general counsel to represent Trump in federal court (for his Pennsylvania fight) despite being suspended by the DC bar association for neglecting to pay his fees. That should be a fun realization for Trump, but again, the Four Seasons Total Landscaping guys are enjoying being a tourist attraction.

Not only are they selling merch like hot cakes, but they’ve gotta market themselves. They’re in the big leagues now, after all, so they’ve responded accordingly by beefing up their social media presence. And they are tearing it up on Twitter with jokes about blaring “the Nickelback CD Rudy left here” while working hard to meet the public’s demand for their products.

They’re shouting out Rob McElhenney in an attempt to get Four Seasons Total Landscaping onto It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

And if you’re wondering where all this vigor sources from, they’re sending out credit to a special “freelance brand invigorator” named Alexis Rose (it’s a clever wink to the Emmy-winning Schitt’s Creek, which is so hot on Netflix now).

The series responded on Twitter in an appropriate fashion.

And the reverse fanboy-ing commenced.

Don’t forget, though, Four Seasons Total Landscaping does landscaping, too!