‘Fox And Friends’ Co-Host Ainsley Earhardt Isn’t Here For Brian Kilmeade Immediately Pouncing On The New Press Secretary

Fox and Friends is, without a doubt, most interesting when the co-hosts clash, and this generally involves Brian Kilmeade being the most combative of all. Last time this happened, the Chris Columbus superfan ruffled feathers by suggesting that pregnant women shouldn’t be hired to do “important” jobs, and now, he’s being dressed down again by Ainsley Earhardt.

One should preface this subject by acknowledging that freshly-former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was perhaps the best person (out of many in recent memory) at the job. She was a total pro, taking down the silliest of questions without missing a beat. Anyone who follows in her footsteps is sure to meet with some rough comparisons, but Karine Jean-Pierre stepped up to give it her best shot.

Yet as this clip reveals, Kilmeade was quick to brand Jean-Pierre “awful.” And Earhardt pushed back while pointing out the gig’s toughness, especially while everyone watches.

“She is off to an awful start. I don’t know how she is going to keep that job,” Kilmeade groused, via Mediaite. “She didn’t know anything instinctively, was reading things off. You have to understand the issues in order to be able to answer the questions.”

“It has to be a very nerve-wracking job though,” Earhardt pointed out, to which Kilmeade responded, “she’s not prepared for it” and “would not be surprised if she does not get any better.”

Yet Earhardt urged, “Maybe just give her a chance.” Rough crowd, man.

(Via Mediaite)