‘Fox And Friends’ Sounded The Alarm On Weed And Violent Crime (What?) While Delta Variant Cases Rise

The Fox and Friends gang decided to be responsible last week (well, two of the co-hosts did) while urging people to get vaccinated, but maybe it’s time for Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade to get back-to-basics, so to speak by dropping misinformation about weed and generally claiming that it’s going to be the slippery slope by which civilization collapses.

Alright, so talking about a slippery slope is a little bit hyperbolic, but so is the claim that violent crime is rising because too many people are out there smoking weed (when really, the rising Delta variant rates should be the primary on-air concern). Yet the crew is concerned about rising crime, obviously, which they’ve already shown while telling people to avoid Times Square a few months ago. Now, Steve Doocy wishes to highlight how the chief cop in D.C. “finds a direct connection between violence and the pot users.”

After an introductory set-up about how New York City smells like “urine and pot,” Doocy raised the alarm on how Washington, D.C. police Chief Robert Contee warned against the downside of removing accountability for those who smoke weed. Contee argued that it leads to robberies, shootings, and this led to a discussion about how the co-hosts believe that people are having psychotic breaks (?) because of the weed.

“It’s hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube,” Doocy argued. “They’ve legalized pot in a bunch of places, and now, they’ve seen violent crime spike, and are gonna say, ‘You know what? We’ve made a mistake.”

Strangely enough, Brian Kilmeade stayed quiet during Doocy’s plea to end what they seem to believe is “Reefer Madness.”

Most likely, there’s probably plenty of munchies and couch dozing going on out there…