Of Course A Fox News Event With Tucker Carlson Is Requiring Vaccinations Or A Negative COVID Test

It’s been almost two years since the pandemic began in earnest, which means it’s been almost two years since Fox News has allowed its hosts to downplay, even spread dangerous misinformation about its severity. Arguably its biggest offender is Tucker Carlson, who has even told viewers to harass people wearing masks. Privately, of course, Fox News top brass (including honcho Rupert Murdoch) believes no such thing. On-site employees are required to either be vaccinated or be tested. And a big event involving Tucker of course requires the same thing.

As per Insider, the network is holding something this week called the Fox Nation Patriot Awards, held in Hollywood, Florida, in-person. It’s a who’s who of COVID misinformation spreaders, including Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Dan Bongino, and, of course, Tucker himself. An invite, sent out by Fox & Friends co-host Pete Hegseth promised “book signings, photo opportunities, giveaways, and live show tapings.” Tickets are pricey, from $125 to $500 per person, and they will also raise funds for the veterans charity Building Homes for Heroes Foundation.

But eagle-eyed readers caught the fine print at the bottom of the invitation: “Attendees must show either a COVID vaccine card OR proof of a negative COVID test taken 72 hours prior to the event in order to gain entrance.”

Perhaps Tucker, who’s compared vaccine mandates to “Jim Crow,” will use a portion of his show to denounce this freedom-crushing event, which will feature him. Or, more likely, he’ll simply never mention it on-air, and if asked on some safe conservative podcast, he’ll do what he did the last time he was asked about his company’s vaccine mandates and duck the question, saying something, like, “I’m not qualified to speak for the company on this because I don’t run the company.”

Anyway, seems like getting a safe, effective, and free vaccine is a whole lot more of a hassle than trying to dodge COVID with some expensive and dodgy drug cocktail only someone like Joe Rogan or Dennis Prager can afford anyway.

(Via Insider)