Tucker Carlson Called Joe Biden A Liar For Claiming Fox News Has A Vaccine Mandate — Then Got Called Out By The Internet Armed With Fox’s Own HR Documents

If you thought that Tucker Carlson was just acting like a dumbass by ignoring science when it comes to his opinions on the COVID vaccine in order to score better ratings and more headlines, well, he’s got news for you: You’re wrong—he apparently really is that dumb!

On Monday night, the Fox News host went on a bit of a tear about the people who are suggesting that Carlson and his colleagues are simply playing dumb when it comes to the issues surrounding COVID-19, but he made it clear: “We are not pretending. At all. It’s real.”

As Raw Story reports, Carlson took aim specifically at Joe Biden, saying the president lied when he claimed that Fox News is mandating that all its employees be vaccinated against COVID—and mocked the network’s anchors for their false anti-vaxxer outrage, considering that 90 percent of them are fully vaccinated and that Fox head honcho Rupert Murdoch is pro-vaxx.

As Raw Story notes: “Carlson claimed that there is no vaccine mandate, but he left out quite a few facts. For example, Fox News says that you don’t have to get vaccinated if you agree to submit to daily coronavirus testing. The company also has an online vaccine passport system. Carlson conveniently left the information out, not giving his viewers the full truth.”

To be fair, Carlson has spent so much time spewing lies and anti-vax propaganda that it’s understandable he’d have trouble remembering exactly what the truth is. Fortunately, there is the internet, which swiftly assembled to throw the very publicly available HR documents of Carlson’s own employer back in his face.

Carlson, of course, has so far refused to say whether or not he has been vaccinated, probably because he has.

(Via Raw Story)