Here’s How To Protect Yourself From Facebook Friends Who Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump Speaks To GOP Women's Groups
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Facebook, that hive of misinformation and your crazy uncle’s casual racism, is the platform Donald Trump deserves. But in case you’re uninterested in reading Uncle Merle’s thoughts on Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from the United States, or your friend from high school’s positive reaction to a Black Lives Matter protester getting roughed up at a rally, there’s a way to block their madness. It’s called, simply, Friends Who Like Trump.

When you go to, it redirects you to your own Facebook’s search page, where your search bar will look like this… (Via)

For instance, I have two friends who “Like” Trump (who inspired Mark Zuckerberg to declare Facebook a “safe environment”). One ironically, one earnestly (the first time I ever listened to Enema of the State, it was with the earnest guy — how dare Donald Trump ruin Blink-182 for me). This “my friends who like…” trick works with anything. Imagine Dragons, Jaden Smith, The Big Bang Theory. Block all your supposed “friends” who enjoy any of these.

They’re not as evil as Trump, but bafflingly just as popular.

(Via Huffington Post)