Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Surprise New Album ‘Everything Is Love’ Has Fans Going ‘Apesh*t’

The rumors were true. Beyonce and Jay-Z were working on a joint album, Everything Is Love, which dropped on Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming service on Saturday. The album, and accompanying video “Apes**t” (video above), had people on Twitter going, well, apesh*t. The 40 minute-long, 9 track album was the talk of the weekend, with many of the jokes referencing the music video to “Apesh**t”.

Most of the jokes unsurprisingly revolved around the album being released on Tidal:

But Tidal got some new subscribers this weekend for real, no doubt:

Plenty of people just wanted to kick back and soak in those lyrics:

Other things Beyonce doesn’t give two f*cks about: whether or not you like Jay-Z and who else’s albums her and Jay-Z are outshining right now:

And people on Twitter wondered how Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are feeling right now:

Some people were just in awe about “Apes**t” being filmed inside the Louvre:

And people are now digging into the significance of some of the paintings shown:

Some people had their minds blown by Beyonce’s Coachella performance all over again, but for a different reason this time:

Other people felt momentarily left out:

But, for the most part, people were completely on board: