Everyone’s Making The Same Joke About That ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer


The first trailer for Captain Marvel debuted on Tuesday, leaving plenty of people saying “O Captain, my Captain” and making jokes on Twitter. But one particular scene of Brie Larson laying down the law as the titular Captain Marvel (née Carol Danvers) had people talking. Most of the jokes about the trailer came out of people reacting to Captain Marvel punching an elderly woman who is almost definitely — we hope? — a Skrull in disguise:

We’d definitely still watch.

Speaking of mercilessly punching aliens, the jokes weren’t only about that scene (although SkrullPunch 2018 definitely seemed to dominate the conversation). People also looked forward to a showdown between Captain Marvel and Thanos:

People were also digging the retro vibe:

And since Carol’s going to be wearing a Nine Inch Nails T-shirt at some point, people had even more ’90s nostalgia:

People gave props:

Some folks offered conspiracies theories about Ben Mendelsohn’s villain (a Skrull leader), because he just looked so familiar:

We’re sure there will be plenty of fan theories in the coming days…

While others focused on how other movie characters must be feeling right now:

And some centered squarely on their own strong feelings.

Captain Marvel opens March 8th, 2018.

(Hat tip to Dorkly and Buzzfeed)