People Have Strong Feelings About Mr. Mime From The ‘Detective Pikachu’ Trailer

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the actual, seriously for real, not kidding this movie is real, live-action Pokemon movie — excuse me, filmDetective Pikachu yet, do yourself a favor and peek-a (I’m sorry) at this. That looks… actually good?

Detective Pikachu, starring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, is a film that exists and looks like it might be good. That has already prompted some amusing reactions from surprised viewers, but if the prospect of an actually-good live-action Pokemon movie seemed strange, buckle up for something really strange: Mr. Mime. OH LAWD, HE COMIN’.

Over the course of the night, many people (perhaps unable to sleep with images of Mr. Mime dancing seductively/menacingly in their heads) tweeted about Mr. Mime being nightmare fuel.

People noted the weird tiny hairs on his head:

Folks being unable to rest well after watching the trailer was a common theme:

People continued to find his appearance suspicious:

Mr. Mime even inspired some unsettling fan art:

And if we could leave the topic of Mr. Mime / our inevitable death by his bulbous gloved “hands”… let’s end this post on a more upbeat note by rounding up some more jokes about the Detective Pikachu trailer in general:

And finally, here’s the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia / Detective Pikachu mashup we didn’t know we needed. It is not a botch.