A Fox News Contributor Wearing An Amusingly Tiny Tactical Vest At The Southern Border Quickly Became A Meme

Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones III has become Twitter’s brief center of attention this week over a Hannity segment filmed at the southern US border at Laredo, Texas, just a short distance away from one of the “three Mexican countries.” During part of the segment on Wednesday night, Jones told host Sean Hannity that “a lot of these criminals come out at night to make these crossings,” while he donned a tiny “tactical” vest, the word tactical being in quotes because this vest is lacking both adequate coverage and bulletproof inserts. It’s hard to resist the temptation to look at the vest while singing, Chris Farley-style, “News guy in a little vest…

People made jokes and memes about the vest (see further down below), pointing out both the small size and the lack of plates (meaning it was just for show). Plenty of folks, including other journalists, lambasted the uselessness of the vest or even accused Jones of trying to make potential border crossers in the Laredo, Texas, area appear more dangerous to inflame the home viewers’ anger and fright. (The violent crime rate in Laredo, Texas, is 16.5% lower than the statewide average, according to the FBI.)

Here’s another look at the vest, which spurred more questions and jokes:

Jones took to Twitter throughout the day on Thursday to defend himself, saying “Border patrol made me wear it”:

Not everyone was buying it: