Ivanka Trump Reportedly Used A Personal Email For Government Business And Everyone’s Roasting Her

Via Ivanka Trump on Instagram

“Lock her up.” “But her emails.” Et cetera, et cetera. You already know what high-larious joke one of your relatives is going to make at Thanksgiving about this, the dumbest of news stories (so far this morning, maybe). The Washington Post reports Ivanka Trump used a personal email account for hundreds of emails involving government business, which violates federal records rules. The rule dates back to 2013, shortly after Hillary Clinton left office, meaning the thing people keep chanting “Lock her up” about regarding Clinton is something that was arguably allowed at the time. Everything is dumb and getting dumber by the day. Let’s all just let out a big sigh and see if any of the jokes being made on Twitter can make this day a little funnier.

We aren’t going to run down the many, many, many, many people tweeting #LockHerUp, but just know that most of those jokes were along these lines:

Other people had more original jokes about Ivanka Trump possibly being complicit in a scandal:

And folks took jabs at Donald Trump’s unsecured Android phone which he eventually replaced with an iPhone despite his beef with Apple.

People referenced the many other members of the Trump administration who also used private email:

And many pointed out obvious hypocrisies: