Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Story Slips Again, And The Twitter Jokes Just Keep Coming

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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has been lying low for this past week, “using tunnels to shuttle between the mansion and the nearby building where he has an office,” according to the Washington Post. He also granted the Washington Post his first interview since photos from his 1984 medical school yearbook seemed to show Northam in blackface. At first he admitted to photo was him. Then he moonwalked that back in a press conference in which he said the photo wasn’t him, but he did don blackface as part of a Michael Jackson costume to moonwalk during a San Antonio dance contest in 1984. Is that supposed to be better? Were people our parents’ age just doing blackface on the regular? SNL seems to think so.

On Saturday, Northam told the Washington Post he “overreacted” when he put out his initial statement taking blame for the yearbook photo. And that’s when his interview goes ass over teakettle into whoopsidoodle territory:

“The things that I did back in medical school and — and — in San Antonio were insensitive and I have learned since that they were very offensive,” Northam said. “We learn from our mistakes and I’m a stronger person.”

Asked later what Northam meant by referring to things he did “back in medical school,” spokeswoman Ofirah Yheskel said he misspoke and just meant San Antonio, where he did his residency.

Amazing. He just needed to keep denying the medical school photo was him, and he can’t even seem to do that.

Northam also said he will serve out the remaining three years of his term, and that he is “setting up a ‘reconciliation tour’ that will take him around the state to engage in conversations about race and healing, but that he had no details yet.”

We’re sure that’ll be constructive and not at all hamfistedly absurd. Meanwhile, on Twitter, people have been making jokes, and the jokes keep coming:

Some gave a shout out to Virginia:

And this seems like an Adam Sandler movie in the making:

Meanwhile, people are wondering why this racist nonsense keeps happening:

Others shared their dash cunning strategy for avoiding all yearbook controversy:

This is a trap but I don’t mind it:

And people even tied their jokes to other current events, like Liam Neeson’s bonkers interview, MAGA hats, and that astoundingly tone deaf Gucci sweater.

All in all, this Black History Month has already been one for the history books.

Let’s just cancel everything to be safe.

(Via the Washington Post)