Twitter Users Let Loose The Nightmare Fuel With These ‘Sexy’ Costume Ideas


Halloween and sexy costumes are inseparable, although sometimes the sexy costumes go too far and become nightmare fuel. Several “sexy” costume ideas were suggested by Twitter users over the past week, and we’ve collected our favorites.

It started with a tweet posted by Summer Ray last week, and over the ensuing week Twitter users haven’t been slacking at offering “sexy” costume ideas in response to this:

Despite the picture up above, surprisingly few people were recommending any sexy clowns, even though Pennywise has got the moves. Most of the suggestions varied from the mundane to the incredibly disturbing, from “Sexy Mistaking Raisins For Chocolate Chips In A Cookie” to “Sexy Getting Stabbed In The Neck With A Needle Filled With Mystery Drugs” to “Sexy Dawning Realization That Nothing Will Ever Be Okay.”

Those seem like unexpected fears that we can now all share. Some of the other “sexy” fears were also unexpected:

People confessed fear over some esoteric threats:

And some existential threats:

While others admitted to having more practical fears:

Animals were a popular cause of many people’s phobias:

Even the official account for Twitter weighed in:

And there were ideas shared regarding things we never even thought about but now they may find form in our nightmares:

Just don’t go too far with any of these costume ideas this Halloween. Someone might get upset: