The Team Behind The ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Movie Requests That You Stop Making Fun Of His Legs

The movie adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog won’t open until November 8th, 2019, but we have a slight idea of what the sort-of live-action version of Sonic will look like, thanks to a puzzling first look poster and a second poster that didn’t seem to allay anyone’s worries. This “realistic” version of Sonic seemed to be a little too muscular and fuzzy according to some people, who — to be fair — would probably be far more horrified if Sonic was closer to actual, poo-loving hedgehogs.

Paramount has reacted to the jokes and memes about the posters by steering into the skid on the movie’s official Twitter page. They unveiled the picture above, showing Sonic with even more muscular legs, accompanied by the message, “This shouldn’t get any attention on the internet, right? #RespectTheLegs #SonicMovie”

They also retweeted some of the silly fan art, including this one:

So far they’ve only ironically retweeted a few of the jokes at their expense, but we can’t wait to see where this goes.

In the meantime, we have suggestions for some other tweets they could share:

And you can’t have a meme involving fan art without a cursed image of Garfield making an appearance:

Other cursed images were bandied about:

Even Gritty made a cameo:

People continue to lament what Paramount hath wrought:

It’s a strange time to be a Sonic fan. (It’s always a strange time to be a Sonic fan.)

(Hat tip to SyFy, Buzzfeed, and Dorkly)