Twitter Users Are Having Fun Explaining What ‘The Witcher’ Looks Like

Netflix fittingly chose Halloween as the occasion to reveal Henry Cavill’s very Halloween costume-like appearance in upcoming fantasy series The Witcher. Twitter users had plenty to say about this version of Geralt of Rivia, things like, “This is a spot-on Geralt from The Witcher, if a Witcher was what you called a guy who sells sex crystals at a vampire store in Los Angeles.”

To be fair, the Netflix series is based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, not on the older, bearded, grizzled video game version of Geralt from Witcher 3 people may have had in mind. Some have also complained about his eye color, but Geralt’s eye color in the books changed based on his surroundings and at his will. Furthermore, a TV series based on The Witcher should be utterly batsh*t and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Dramatic key lighting? Yes please. Faux leather everything? Don’t mind if you do. Ridiculous wigs? Oh hell yes. Each wig longer and whiter than the last. And braid it. So many braids. Even give the horses fabulous white wigs with braids. We won’t complain about any of the references to Polish politics we don’t understand as long as we have wizards in wigs being dramatic all over the place.

Anyway, folks on Twitter had plenty of jokes about Cavill’s appearance, with comparisons to cosplay and Halloween costumes being a popular source of humor. Some likened Netflix’s Geralt to “Legolas cosplaying Sephiroth,” while others had different costumes in mind:

Comparisons to other movie characters were frequent fodder for jokes:

The comparisons continued, although the more important question here should be: Why does that Power Ranger look like Jennifer Garner?

Others imagined what it would be like if Netflix’s The Witcher were based on the video games instead of the books:

And one resourceful person ran it backwards for a great reaction GIF:

(Hat tip to Dorkly)