The Far Right Social Media Site Gab Is Being Mocked For Tweeting An Image In Which Everyone In A Family Has A Gun, Even The Dog

When those in the far right were kicked off Twitter, they went to Parler. When Parler died, they went to Gab, the “free speech” social media site that has become a nest of violent extremists, including the domestic terrorist responsible for the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018. By and large, though, Gab tends to not attract the same attention as Parler did. That changed on Saturday, when its main Twitter account posted an image some found to be pretty bizarre.

The image the Gab account dropped — an All-American (read: white and middle-class) family hanging in the backyard, surrounding a grill, all of them holding guns, even the dog — wasn’t an original. It’s actually the cover for the video game The American Dream, which is actually a satire about gun culture. Did the Gab team not know this? Or were they trying to reclaim a patently ridiculous image, one that overtly makes fun of their way of thinking? Who knows!

Whatever the case, the tweet went viral, although perhaps not in the way the Gab folks intended.

A lot of people fixated on the image of the dog wielding a gun, despite its lack of opposable thumbs.

Some pointed out its noted dearth of logic.

Or made Lana Del Rey jokes.

Others pointed out the source of the image.

And some pointed out this fun fact: The Twitter account for the social media service that boasts about unlimited free speech no matter what had turned off the post’s public replies.