A Republican Congressional Candidate Mailed Out Flyers Featuring This Horse’s Massive Penis

Republican Congressional candidate Gary Kiehne wants you to know that he’s just one of the good old boys. He stands for important issues, like defending land rights, securing borders, holding up the second amendment and lowering taxes. But that message gets kind of lost because OMG LOOK THERE’S A GIANT HORSE DICK RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

I used to work in graphic design, and I know how easy it is to overlook details. Once I spent hours meticulously Photoshopping text onto an image of the Las Vegas sign only to realize after 10,000 pieces had been printed that I had spelled the word “manager” wrong. F*ck ups happen. But I don’t know how one can overlook a gargantuan horse erection rivaling Idris Elba’s (yes, I know what he said, but I still Want To Believe) hovering over the left shoulder of your subject.

Maybe secretly, deep down Gary Kiehne is just a really big fan of dick jokes. To do something this brazen he’d have to like dick jokes even more than I do, which would be hard because I really, really like dick jokes. (Go ahead and collect the euphemisms I made there, boners.)

Here’s the full ad:

(Andrew Kaczynski via Gawker)