George Santos Will Remain In The House For At Least A Bit Longer After The GOP Blocked An Expulsion Vote

On Tuesday, it appeared that George Santos’ wild stint in the House of Representatives was beginning to come to an end. Democrats introduced a motion to hold a vote on whether or not to expel the serial fabulist from the chamber. It was unlikely to succeed; expulsion requires a two-thirds supermajority. What would happen is that anyone who voted to keep the sketchy and already indicted lawmaker would be on the record. But the GOP found another way to avoid responsibility.

As per The New York Times, House Republicans on Wednesday blocked the vote. Instead they punted the matter elsewhere, referring it instead to the House Ethics Committee, who have already spent months investigating the guy who lied about his mom dying in the September 11th attacks.

The vote to scotch the vote was done along party lines. But why would the House GOP stand up for a guy who fibbed his way into a government gig and who was charged last week with 13 counts of, among other crimes, wire fraud, unlawful monetary transactions, stealing public funds, and lying on financial disclosures? The Times speculates it’s because Republicans hold such a slim majority in the chamber that they can’t even afford to lose a guy who makes up stories about being a college volleyball champ.

And so Santos lives to see another stretch of time at a job he lied to get, and House GOP members can continue having to take a stand on someone who tried to hide that he was once a drag queen.

(Via NYT)