Shady George Santos Missing His Own Name During A House Vote Has People Wondering About The Extent Of His Lies

For the last two days, the House of Representatives has been a mess. The GOP now has control over the chamber, but only by a razor-thin margin. To make matters worse, a small but pivotal cadre of MAGA Republicans have sabotaged former House minority leader Kevin McCarthy’s wish for a promotion. There’s in-fighting. There’s in-fighting among the in-fighting. And then there’s one of the fresh fish: accused prolific fabulist George Santos, who appears to have lied about…well, everything. So when he repeatedly failed to recognize he was being called on for votes, that only made people even more suspicious.

It was Day Two of the House’s failed attempts to name a new Speaker of the House, which, as of this writing, has yielded six separate votes. So far McCarthy has accrued fewer ballots than even Democratic nominee Hakeem Jeffries. It’s a chaotic scene, which may explain why Santos — who arrived on Capitol Hill on Tuesday and spent most of his first day alone, avoided by everyone — may have repeatedly missed his own name being called to vote.

In video of him missing his name, Santos appears to be looking down at something. Maybe he’s playing around on his phone. It happens. But many hatched the same theory: that either Santos isn’t the serial fibber’s real name or he has so many aliases that he’s forgotten the real deal.

There were also plenty of jokes.

Again, it could be an innocent mistake. Lots of people miss their own names being called out at take-out joints, restaurants, in classrooms, etc. But given the sheer range of Santos’ alleged fabrications, it was inevitable that people smelled something fishy.