This Little Girl Being Chased By A Peacock Is The Internet’s Most Terrified Meme

Everyone knows that geese are terrifying. But when people think of big, scary birds, peacocks aren’t usually what comes to mind. But apparently peacocks can occasionally become aggressive, so the whole time these beautifully adorned fowl have been strutting around our zoos and parks, they’ve really just been “fancy geese” in disguise.

This little girl unfortunately learned that lesson the hard way, in this photo posted to imgur by user xgovernmentx who writes, “our trip to the petting zoo did not go as planned.” And because as we’ve learned time and time again, there is almost nothing funnier than a small child being terrorized by a large bird, the photo quickly became the subject of a Reddit Photoshop Battle. It’s okay to laugh, she was probably fine.

We’ll start with The Battle of the Bastards, which would have only been more terrifying had Ramsay Bolton employed attack peacocks:

Here she is inserted into The Force Awakens:

And Raiders of the Lost Ark:

As the newest Avenger:

Turned into a horror movie poster:

Here she is running from a different kind of peacock:

More NBC humor:

A play on her T-shirt:

And finally, the most terrifying one of them all: