A 15-Year Old In Alabama Got Stuck In A Giant Barney Head And It’s Hilarious

Darby Risner is a 15-year-old trickster. When she sees an opportunity to plop a Barney head on her own head in an effort to scare her friends, she’s going to do it. Damn the consequences. But sometimes, a trickster gets tricked. Maybe not by man, but by fate. Of course, the trickster’s brother is there to document everything on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s how life finds a way. Chaos and Jeff Goldblum know this to be a fact.

So Darby had her head stuck in the hollowed-out Barney skull, with her friends trying all sorts of techniques in order to free her from the strange, purple dinosaur head.

According to Buzzfeed, it was only after multiple failed attempts at liberating Darby from the Purple Fear that a girl suggested the fire department. “Another girl that was also at the party, her boyfriend worked at the fire department, so she called him and asked if they could come out and help,” Darby said.“So we all got in the car, they helped me get in, and we went to them.”

The firemen got to work and tore the head off Darby. Somehow, Barney looks frightened as he gets his head pulled off her body.

Darby explained her horrific experience.

Naturally, the internet is enjoying poor Darby’s brief stint as a vicious dinosaur.

Darby’s brother Logan has been a window into the whole incident, providing the world with much-needed details seen off-camera.

Incredible. Perhaps a sequel to this incredible tale isn’t far off.

(Via Buzzfeed)