The Girl Who Wore A Hot Dog Costume On Princess Day Is A Freaking Hero

What little girl hasn’t grown up being bombarded with princess imagery? From a young age, we’re taught to express our femininity by loving pink, dresses, and waiting for Prince Charming to rescue us. These days, women may be expected to carve out their own independence, and the princess fairytale trope might have gotten a little feminist update with Frozen, but it’s safe to say that the princess fantasy is still pervasive in typical girlhood.

That is, until today, when pictures of a girl dressed as a hot dog at her dance class’s Princess Day went viral on Twitter. Above are some photos of this beautiful genius.

Spare me your pink tutus, or your shiny dresses. This girl has shown us that being a “princess” could mean whatever we want it to mean. She’s showing us to use our imaginations, think outside the box, be ourselves, and be free. If that means dressing up as a delicious foodstuff, then so much the better. Or if that means flouting princess day and its attendance baggage completely, we can do that too.

That first photo seems to depict this girl tap-dancing in the mirror. If I showed up to Princess Day as a hot dog, I would definitely be celebrating in a similar manner.

Here’s another great photo of the girl with her classmates and their basic princess costumes, from her father. Notice how she’s standing apart from them a little, like the folk hero she is:

I hope this girl never loses her independence or her sense of self. I hope one day to watch her being sworn in as president of the United States in a hot dog costume. In these trying times, she’s the leader that we need.

(via Jezebel & The Cut)