Proudly Unvaccinated Glenn Beck Has COVID (Again), And He Says It’s ‘Disturbing’ Because It’s Moved Into His Lungs

If you’re ever searching for a new doctor, you might want to find out the names of Glenn Beck’s physicians—and avoid them at all costs. As The Independent reports, the former Fox News host, and proud anti-vaxxer, is currently in the midst of his second battle with COVID… and it doesn’t sound like things are going so well.

On Wednesday, Beck called into fellow right-wing host Mark Levin’s radio show and, when asked how he was doing, replied that “despite having COVID and seeing the destruction of our country, I’m doing great.” [insert record scratch]

In between throat clears, Beck confirmed that he was dealing with his second go-around with COVID. “It’s a lighter case, but it’s now started to go into my lungs today, and a little disturbing,” Beck said, but assured Levin that “I’m on all the medications and treatments and everything else, so we’ll see. It’s all good.”

When Levin, clearly surprised by this development, pressed about what exactly what “all the medications” meant, Beck—sounding like a Donald Trump clone (or at least a 2020 Donald Trump clone)—read off a laundry list of meds, including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. In other words, an anti-malaria drug and a non-FDA-approved paste given to horses to rid them of parasitic worms. But Beck seems convinced that this is the cocktail that’ll cure him. “My doctors are hitting it really hard,” he said of their recommended regimen.

Beck has been dealing with the virus for about a week now and didn’t seem totally sure whether he was actually feeling any better. “I’m not going downhill,” he said. “I mean, I think I’m feeling better. It’s just getting into my lungs … you will want to avoid that.” (No sh*t, Sherlock.)

Of course, Beck has only himself to blame for his second bout with COVID—not because he refuses to get vaccinated but, as he says, because he’s a “fatty-fat-fatso.” Yes, that must be it.

(Via The Independent)