Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell Receive Side-By-Side Stars On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are one of Hollywood’s most long-lasting and enduring couples. Although they never married, the couple have been together since 1983 (34 years!!), and share one son, 30-year-old hockey player Wyatt Russell, as well as Hawn’s three children who consider Russell to be their father. So it’s only fitting that Hawn and Russell received “his and hers” stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week, more than 50 years into both of their careers. And look at them up there! Clearly, the couple seem to be more in love than ever.

And now couldn’t be a better time, as Russell stars in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, out in theaters this weekend (which he is said to be phenomenal in, no surprise there), and Hawn’s comedy Snatched with Amy Schumer premieres nationwide next Friday. Apparently the timing was purely coincidental, as Hawn told USA Today that neither of them knew when their respective films would be released.

They even have nearly parallel promotional schedules in L.A., London and New York, which Hawn says they haven’t done in a long time. “Even though we’re (promoting the films) separately it just is a really fun time in our lives.”

At the ceremony on Thursday, Hawn explained to Access Hollywood why the timing of the honor couldn’t be better. “It’s better now, than in the middle of your career,” she said. “Because you know, we’re still working, but you don’t really appreciate it as much.”

(Via USA Today, Access Hollywood)