A GOP Official In Michigan Claims He Was Kicked In The Balls By One Of His Fellow Republicans At A Strategy Meeting, So Things Are Going Great!

Political foes aren’t exactly civilized to each other on Capitol Hill. We see evidence of fissures on a daily basis, and Marjorie Taylor Greene even called Lauren Boebert “a little b*tch” to her face on the House floor. And the Brits have been known to let insults fly in Parliament, too. Yet (at least so far), we haven’t seen any literal ball busting during political gatherings in D.C. In Michigan, however, that’s a whole different story. Allegedly.

According to Detroit News (and via Rolling Stone), the GOP party in the state has thrown down, and this included some form of a body slam, which led to a broken rib. Somewhere in the mix, male organs got kicked, too.

Yes, County GOP Party Chair Mark DeYoung is claiming that fellow Republican James Chapman grew irate about not being able to enter a party meeting that was specific to committee. So apparently, Chapman started passive-aggressively leading a Pledge of Allegiance chant outside the locked door to the meeting room and generally making a nuisance of himself by “jiggling the doorknob.” Then this reportedly happened:

Mark DeYoung, who chairs the Clare County Republican Party, said he heard Chapman’s attempt to enter the room and opened the door after seeing someone flip him the bird through a window. “He kicked me in my balls as soon as I opened the door,” DeYoung said of Chapman, speaking to The Detroit News by phone from the emergency room.

DeYoung added that Chapman charged him, slamming his body into a chair, and said he now has a broken rib. He intends to press charges.

Believe it or not, this wasn’t the first Michigan GOP shindig of the year that went sour. As seen below from the Bridge Michigan YouTube account, Kalamazoo GOP Party Chair Kelly Sackett grew very upset when Macomb County GOP Secretary Melissa Pehlis lit up a cigarette. A cell phone went flying, and things got shouty. These people have way too much energy.

(Via Detroit News & Rolling Stone)