Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Everyone To Know She Hates ‘Nasty Little B*tch’ Lauren Boebert More Than Trump Hates Dogs And War Heroes

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert’s feud has been percolating for some time. They first appeared to be fast friends (who both heckled Biden while he spoke of his late son, Beau), and then fissures began to emerge until a heated war of words in the bathroom made clear that these two can barely tolerate each other. And with the most recent update, it sure looks like that Greene feels more animosity than Boebert, and Greene wants everyone to know it, too.

To briefly recap, a Wednesday heated House floor conversation yielded multiple confirmations that Greene called Boebert a “little b*tch” straight to her face. The Daily Beast provided plenty of followup to the altercation, which revolves around Greene’s allegations that Boebert “copied” her articles of impeachment against President Biden.

More confirmation came from CNN, to which Greene made a telling on-camera expression despite outwardly declaring that she would “neither confirm nor deny.” Boebert then told HuffPost, “I’m not in middle school. This isn’t a copycat game.” She added, “Copying her would be her going and demanding a vote on the floor, and then me going and doing it right after.”

That Boebert statement does not exactly clear up the “copying” allegations, but I’m not sure why either one of them wants credit for articles of impeachment that are so silly, even Republicans rolled their eyes when Boebert made her relevant speech. Business Insider related how (via Semafor) Greene is definitely now doubling (tripling? quadrupling?) down on her sentiment, and here’s what she unequivocally declared for all to hear:

“She has genuinely been a nasty little bitch to me,” Greene told Semafor when asked about a confrontation between the two women on the House floor on Wednesday.

“I told her exactly what I think about her,” Greene said of Boebert, adding that she would “absolutely not” be reconciling with her House Freedom Caucus colleague.

So, do not hold your breath for these two to hug and make up, possibly never. And yes, this sounds like Greene feels even more strongly about Boebert than Trump does about dogs or war heroes, including John McCain (“I like people who weren’t captured”). To close (for now), here’s what Greene further told Semafor about Boebert’s impeachment shenanigans:

“It’s purely for fundraising. It’s throwing out red meat so that people will donate to her campaign because she’s coming up on the end of the month, and she’s trying to produce good fundraising numbers.”

The “fundraising” allegation does check out. When Boebert revealed her latest round of impeachment nonsense on Twitter, she (of course) tried to fundraise at the same time. Are we all caught up now? Let’s hope so.

(Via Semafor, The Daily Beast, Business Insider, CNN & HuffPost)