Goths Up Trees Is Necessary Because There Are So Many Goths Up So Many Trees

A quick breeze over new single-serving Tumblr Goths Up Trees and it becomes clear that there are just so many GD goths up some many GD trees that the photos need to be preserved in one place. Not being a goth myself (or am I?) it’s difficult for me to speculate why they love taking pictures of themselves up in trees, but I was lab partners with enough kids in makeup to assume the allure is in the majestic quality of the tree combined with the height above the cruel world.

After a long day of slaving away at Cinnabon I imagine gooping on an extra layer of eyeliner, climbing your favorite tree, and reading young adult novels is quite the escape. The problem is the trees aren’t all that high and there’s a disconnect between what the goths think they look like and what everyone else sees. The end result is just begging to become internet fodder (see: above photo).

Not all the Goths Up Trees are all that gothy or tree-y though, so I’ve included the handful I best think represent the overall theme. Enjoy! And just keep telling yourself your brother is going through a phase.

Goths Up Trees via Gorilla Mask