Greg Gutfeld Doesn’t Appreciate Being Called A ‘Cold-Hearted P*ssy’ For Questioning The Media ‘Narrative’ For Supporting Ukraine

During Tuesday’s episode of The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld went on a rant about how no one is allowed to question the media narrative forming around Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that, he feels, is being moved in only one direction through images that are used to garner an “emotional response.” (For a little context, Fox News has been airing plenty of pro-Putin rhetoric since the invasion began and even conservative figures like Bill O’Reilly have called the network out.)

It’s that “galvanizing force” in the media to support Ukraine that Gutfeld apparently takes issues with after being asked by Geraldo Rivera why he feels so conflicted. Via Mediaite:

“There are crises like this that has happened for thousands of years and nobody knew. We just didn’t know, but now we see it. The bad part about is, there is this galvanizing kind of narrative that is there to create a reaction, and if somebody like me says, ‘Hold on a second,’ and you try to counter the drum beat, you’re seen as an inconsiderate, cold-hearted p*ssy. But if you amplify that story, why can’t you be called pro-war?

“If you want to push this stuff why can’t I call you pro-war? We’re stuck in the prison of two ideas right now, where its you either gotta be one way or you gotta be the other. It’s not as clear as that. It’s somewhere in the middle and just saying that you have to do something is not enough.”

When Rivera comments that he can’t help but be moved by the photos of a Ukrainian family killed by Russian forces, Gutfeld fired back, “Unfortunately, we forget a lot of things that happen here.” Nope, nothing cold-hearted there.

(Via Mediaite)