Watch These Groomsmen Do The ‘Single Ladies’ Dance After Putting A Ring On It

A couple’s first married dance will make a lasting impression upon wedding guests and family. The pressure is usually off at that point for the couple, who are already in celebratory honeymoon mode. So, why not let loose? Hollie and Dave Smith didn’t settle for a traditional, boring dance. Perhaps they were influence by the recent group of groomsmen doing “The Carlton,” so they held rehearsals and organized an even bigger group dance.

The entire wedding party joined in for a choreographed dance montage, and everyone got jiggy with it in a huge way. The highlight of this video is the segment where the groomsmen reenact Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” but many more songs shuffle through the flow. This couple’s children are going to roll their eyes so hard at this video one day.

(Via Mashable)