Putting Woody From 'Toy Story' Into 'GTA IV' Is Beyond Crazy

GTA IV seems to be one of those games perfect for modifying to comedic effect. We’ve already seen a horse push it to the limit, an elephant do motorcycle stunts, and a DeLorean time travel in the game. Now we’re learning that Toy Story‘s Woody is both a Dragonborn and a Street Fighter. The Woody mod is available here, and the video below shows it being used in conjunction with the Fus Ro Dah mod and the Ryu mod (for Hadoukens).

So now this GIF exists:

Woody is showing Liberty City’s police force that they are not, in fact, his favorite deputies.

The video starts out slow and predictable, but it picks up when the army of Buzz Lightyears arrive. Or would the proper term be Buzzes Lightyear, similar to Attorneys General? Well, whatever the nomenclature, the video ends — like most of these GTA mod videos — when our modified character falls with style.

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